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Brioni men's suits have been known for their elegant style and unique fabrics since the brand’s inception in 1945. Throughout its 70-year history, the brand's philosophy has remained unchanged. Brioni means elegant and comfortable clothes of unmatched quality. The brand also offers accessories and shoes. Brioni is portrayed by a successful and self-confident man who follows fashion and yet has a style of his own. Elegant suits of the brand are designed to emphasize his strengths and merits. Among the lovers of the brand are representatives of show business, businessmen, politicians and cinema stars.At the Brioni factory in Abruzzo, tailors, following the classical traditions of garment making, sew men's suits by hand. The work takes about 20 hours of workmanship. Each sewing phase at the Brioni studio is accompanied by multiple ironing and finishing of the fabric. This is one of the secrets of Brioni artistry, and this is how "To Be One of A Kind" slogan of the brand comes to life.



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