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Integrity, authenticity and lots of passion: these are the values upon which Mario and Giacomo Filippi Coccetta built their enterprise. Since 1985, Fabiana Filippi collections have conveyed the artisan expertise found throughout Umbria, places whose beauty has been, and still is, an incredible source of inspiration. Fabiana Filippi has its roots in knitwear made from exquisite yarns and textiles, such those made of cashmere and cashmere-silk. The brand offers head-to-toe looks with contemporary taste and style that goes well beyond seasonal trends. Fabiana Filippi accompanies each woman throughout various moments of the day, with garments that let her fully express herself - a woman with a discerning eye for detail and fine workmanship. Understated luxury unites practicality and aesthetics. Fabiana Filippi is recognised as one of the leading brands of authentic Made-in-Italy products, a company with a robust international presence and omnichannel distribution in over 40 countries worldwide.


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