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MOLECULE is a perfume and cosmetics project created in collaboration with leading manufacturers of selective perfumes from all over the world. MOLECULE has no analogues, original products of the best niche brands of perfumes, care, makeup and home accessories are collected: BYREDO, Boudicca Wode, Parfums BDK, Clive Christian, Creed, Casamorati, Compagnie de Provence, Designer Shaik, diptyque, Escentric Molecules, Franck Muller Geneve, Hermetica, Juliette Has a Gun, Jacques Zolty, Kinski, L:a BRUKET, MANCERA, memo Paris, Moresque Parfum, mizensir, Ormonde Jayne, parle MOI DE Parfum, Roja Parfums, Serge Lutens,, the Beautiful mind, the house of Oud, Vilhelm Parfumerie, verdúu, Xerjoff, Yu.



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