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Syrovarnya is a country-style restaurant with their own cheese manufacturing. Eight kinds of soft cheese are made here in accordance with Italian technologies: mozzarella, burrata, Stracciatella, Caciotta, ricotta, haloumi, and two kinds of scamorza. All kinds of cheese are available for degustation and can be found in the central part of the menu. Menu is quite short and consists of simple and clear country styled dishes, many of them are cooked with local cheese. For example, baked vegetables are served with mozzarella, rucola and tomatoes together with Stracciatella, and tiramisu is made of ricotta cheese. As Syrovarnya is a family restaurant there are a lot of dishes for the whole family. Beef-stroganoff with mashed potato or omelet with gammon are served in a large pan. The restaurant is a perfect place for a quiet leisure time, for private or business meetings and special occasions.



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