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Bootwood is a chain of multi–brand stores, which presents shoes, clothing and accessories from world lifestyle brands, including Timberland and Camper.

The name Bootwood (Boot – shoe, shoe, shoe; Wood – tree, forest) was inspired by the history of shoe production and natural materials, reflecting the concept in the selection of brands and the construction of the product matrix. Bootwood chooses brands that create their products with care for nature.

In Bootwood stores you can find classic models of shoes and sneakers, as well as technological novelties for lovers of travel and city walks. Bootwood stores are created for those who value comfort and practicality, who live in the rhythm of their city, love active recreation, as well as follow the latest fashion trends and take care of nature and their future.

To date, the collection of new Bootwood stores presents seasonal models of the Timberland brand, best known for its original yellow shoes, released in 1973. Today Timberland offers a full range of stylish and practical shoes, clothing and accessories for those who appreciate quality, convenience and technology, prefer an active lifestyle, sports and travel. Timberland clothing and shoes will protect you from the weather, provide warmth and dryness, give you the opportunity to enjoy walking around the city and explore this world in comfort.

In Bootwood stores, you can also find men's and women's shoes of the Camper brand, which has been specializing in creating unique seasonal collections for more than 140 years. Breaking patterns, Camper combines design innovations and modern materials, preserving the heritage of the shoe brand. Bright and unique models of the premium brand are distinguished by stylish design combined with functionality and technological solutions. The brand offers a whole line of comfortable and original products that will become an indispensable element of your wardrobe.



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